Jamaica Blue Mountain Green Beans 500g

Farmers United
The simple fact is that many Blue Mountain Coffee farmers have limited formal business and management skills. As a result they are unable to negotiate fair prices from the powerful processors. And therefore lack money to make long-term plans.
The Jamaica Coffee Growers Association (JCGA) was formed several years ago to help to the subsistence coffee farmers get fairer prices from the processors. PJCT was their first foreign importer. We are committed to the practice of fair pricing.
According to the JGCA president, the cost of farming due to the ravages of hurricanes, droughts, diseases and pests have caused many people to give up coffee farming. He produces coffee beans on his farm neighbouring the Clifton Mount Estate. His 100 acres farm is in the high elevations reaching over 4,000 feet. He is very proud of producing one of the highest quality coffee year after year. This is the satisfaction that motivates him to continue coffee farming.

Price 5,000 (JPY)
Model # JCGA2017-2018-001
Weight 500 g

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